Quantum Neurology

Whether you have a chronic condition or pain due to an accident, the discomfort can significantly impact your quality of life. At Ingbreston Chiropractic Roseville, MN, we provide various treatments, such as Quantum Neurology, to relieve your pain and help your body heal. Before you schedule your appointment, learn more about this treatment below:


What is Quantum Neurology?

Quantum neurology is a chiropractic care technique that allows us to harness principles of quantum physics and neurology to achieve a holistic perspective on healing. It also focuses on the intricate connection between your nervous system and the body’s overall health. Additionally, the treatment is designed to rehabilitate and strengthen nerves that were damaged due to illnesses or chronic conditions so that your body can heal.

How Quantum Neurology Can Help You Heal

At Ingbreston Chiropractic, we understand that by using quantum neurology along with our other chiropractic treatments we can improve the function of the nervous system and promote healing. Along with that, our chiropractor utilizes this treatment to evaluate and optimize the function of nerves, which can be effective for a wide range of conditions. Unlike traditional chiropractic procedures that heavily rely on chiropractic adjustments, we believe that quantum neurology takes a more complete approach to chiropractic care and ensures pain relief.

Furthermore, chiropractic neurology involves a range of activities, but once those neurological imbalances have been recognized, our chiropractor will use various approaches to stimulate and heal the nervous system. These approaches might involve precise adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and neuromuscular re-education activities that target neural connections and improving function.

Through quantum neurology, we seek to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance your overall health by addressing the underlying cause of dysfunction at the neurological level. Additionally, quantum neurology has an immense capacity to activate the body’s natural healing processes, we utilize it to help the body repair itself and provide long-lasting results.

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