Neck Pain

At Ingbretson Chiropractic, we specialize in providing comprehensive care for individuals experiencing neck pain. Whether you're located in Roseville or the surrounding communities of New Brighton, Little Canada, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, St. Anthony, Arden Hills, or Mounds View, our team is dedicated to helping you find relief and improve your overall quality of life through chiropractic care.


Understanding Neck Pain

Neck pain can stem from various sources, ranging from muscular strains to underlying spinal conditions. When you visit our clinic, our experienced chiropractors will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the root cause of your neck pain. Common contributing factors may include:

- Herniated discs: When the soft inner material of a spinal disc protrudes outward, it can compress nearby nerves and cause neck pain.

- Spinal stenosis: This condition involves the narrowing of the spinal canal, leading to pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.

- Sprains: Overuse or sudden movements can strain the ligaments in the neck, resulting in pain and stiffness.

- Tension headaches: Muscular tension in the neck and shoulders can contribute to headaches that radiate from the base of the skull.

- Cervical spondylosis: Also known as arthritis of the neck, this condition involves degenerative changes in the cervical spine over time.

Identifying Symptoms

Neck pain can manifest in a variety of symptoms, which may include:

- Difficulty moving the neck or turning the head

- Muscle stiffness and tightness

- Weakness or tingling sensations in the arms or hands

- Headaches, especially at the base of the skull

- Pain that worsens with certain movements or positions

- Radiating pain into the shoulders, arms, or upper back

Treatment Options

At Ingbretson Chiropractic, we offer a range of treatment options to address neck pain and promote healing. Our services include:

- Chiropractic adjustments: Gentle spinal manipulations can help realign the vertebrae, alleviate pressure on nerves, and improve joint mobility.

- Soft tissue therapy: Massage techniques and manual therapies can release tension in the muscles and improve circulation to promote healing.

- Therapeutic exercises: Targeted exercises and stretches can strengthen the muscles supporting the neck and improve range of motion.

- Lifestyle modifications: Our chiropractors provide guidance on posture correction, ergonomic adjustments, and stress management techniques to prevent future neck pain.

Choose Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Relief

Are you looking for a chiropractor near you? Quality chiropractic care for neck pain is available at Ingbretson Chiropractic. Located in Roseville, we make it easy to get the healthcare you need and deserve for the surrounding communities of Mounds View, Arden Hills, St. Anthony, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Falcon Heights, and New Brighton. When you need quality care, we are never far away. Call our team today at (651) 487-5950 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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